WB Gaming has begun to study & apply Unity3D engine game from year 2011 which is ahead of many domestic teams as two years and until now the application for Unity3D has been matured gradually. 

The team has committed to build up realistic style games in mobile platform end from initial period of entrepreneur. We have begun form high-end game in segment market and are trying to keep excellent game quality and certain player quantity. 

Currently,two mobile phone games in company as <WWII Gunnery> and <Force of Sea> have already published in foreign APP Store. Next, we will enrich plot & tasks for game constantly and add light networking function.

Team members come from all over the world including the personnel for master planning, master program and master art have enriched experience in independent game development aspects during past years. In the pre-development design stage, the team has conducted much market survey in China, Europe and the United States and decided to use realistic style as the main art style finally. Meanwhile, we have treated players who like realistic art style as the core audience to expand & develop the market.

When we have entered the development, the team will complete the core play method and trial version establishment for each major part of game in line with the principle simplification. Meanwhile, we have enriched game content, simplified operation & interface to try to keep similar feel for players in market to not to bring troubles to players. At the same time, more game checkpoints and tutorials will be designed to deal with bugs to ensure a smooth & precise game experience for players. 

In 2012, Region of Soul won the third prize of business class in the cssa UK high-level entrepreneurship challenge congratulates depending on the game.

The third prize and two special awards were gained in the 2012 cssa UK high-level entrepreneurship challenge congratulates.